Digital Life Support

The AI Assistant for ADHD

proactively helps users create healthier digital habits, with intelligent realtime support - without asking them to give up any apps.

Built for ADHD, it will also help anyone struggling with our distracting digital world.

Our Mission

Problematic Internet Use In Adults

Smartphones hijack our attention (by design!). Younger generations are almost constantly online.

It's having a significant impact on attention spans and life outcomes.

ADHD Diagnoses Are Increasing

ADHDers are particular affected, as we inherently struggle with attention regulation.

A fast-increasing percentage of adults now exhibit ADHD-like symptoms, due to digital distraction.

-13 years
ADHD Reduces Life Expectancy

Our healthcare systems are ill-equipped to deal with this, leaving many of us to cope alone.

We don't all take medication, yet unmanaged ADHD is literally deadly.

ADHD and the internet

A dangerous, and self-perpetuating cycle of struggle

image showing the loop of adhd dopamine dysregulation driving bad distraction habits like online addictions, which in turn actively dysregulate dopamine

Our Solution

Healthier digital habits
with intelligent realtime support
Without giving up any apps!
Image showing the app workflow, starting with a bad habit, then our interrupt screen, followed by screenshots labelled "regulate and motivate", and finally the label "redirect" alongside some images showing happy people doing things they love.
In Our Founder's Words
is born from our founder Alastair’s personal experience as a software developer, psychotherapist and late-diagnosed ADHDer.
Photo of Alastair

ADHDers don’t enjoy struggling with addictive and compulsive urges. But for very real neurological reasons it can be impossibly difficult to 'just stop'. Especially if we have to do so all alone.

No matter how many tools, strategies (and support networks) we commit to, there are times when our brains just cannot cope. So we open our laptops or turn on our phones to destress just a little... and in that split second, we have already lost the fight. That ‘little moment’ will turn into hours or even days as our brains desperately try to self-regulate to some semblance of functional normality.

Sure, we could theoretically reach out for support. But the shame, guilt, and despair of believing we are personally at fault and ‘failing’ makes this deeply challenging. And sometimes, it’s 2am on a week night and there just is no one to help.

What we really need is a buddy who can step in and catch us in that moment. And we need them right there and then, 24/7.

is that buddy.

Designed for Reality

App blockers frustrate, without adding value
We actively suggest and help you start more fruitful activities
Mental health apps and tracker require you to remember to use them
We will come to you when you need support; No need to remember
You just want to get on with life
Our AI gets your back into your groove by balancing psychological support with a productivity focus
Most mental health apps offer very basic symptom tracking, journaling, mindfulness exercises, or basic information about mental illnesses. Few use the unique nature of smartphones* to deliver novel interventions or resources.
-- Dr. John Torous, MBI,
Director of
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

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