A sunny day with clear blue skies and green rolling hills

The AI Assistant for ADHD

Support like a buddyRight when you need itTo do the things you value


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The AI Copilot for ADHD
Pro-active Support
Like an app blocker, but more intelligent
Ambition Focused
Actively encourages you to engage with your life goals, todos, and hobbies
24/7 Mental Health
Coaching and therapy are great, but your copilot is there every day, even at 2am
Beat Online Addictions
It's super hard to break the grip of addictive online habits by yourself
Positive Self-Image
Kind and compassionate therapy-based wisdom for zero judgement and zero shame
Interactive and tuned to your needs, your context, and the type of copilot that works best for you
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A sunny day with clear blue skies and green rolling hills


increase in adult diagnoses post-pandemic
of adults struggle with their internet use
have bad reactions to medication
struggle with depression
This app is 100% designed to support dopamine dysregulation and executive dysfunction
We have ADHD too. That's why we built this.
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Too Much Life Lost To These?

Social media Gambling
Gaming News Shopping Takeaways
Work apps
+ any app or website you find hard to avoid.
Reduce time lost to random online habits
Manage your distractions
A sunny day with clear blue skies and green rolling hills

Imagine This...

One sunny Sunday afternoon...
Man slumped on sofa looking up from his phone through a window at a sunny day outside
You're scrolling your phone... again
Buddy leaning through doorframe smiling with a thumbs up
Your buddy pops their head round the door, and says:
Man in doorway looking at a beautiful sunny day
Hey! It's sunny out.
You said you wanted to get outside this weekend.
Why don't you go for a cycle ride?
You're always telling me how alive that makes you feel.
That would be awesome, right!?
is your 24/7 app counterpart
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A sunny day with clear blue skies and green rolling hills

The Experience

Man slumped on sofa looking up from his phone through a window at a sunny day outside
You're doing that phone thing...
A copilot ready to engage
Your copilot judges whether you might need some help, and jumps in if appropriate
The AI offers two things:
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Personalised psychological support
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Better alternatives
OpenAI iconPowered by GPT
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You choose!
Carry on with your thing, if you must...
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Choose something more aligned with your true life goals and values
Happy man gardening
Happy woman hiking
Happy family cooking
Happy man playing guitar among laughing friends

Copilot Attitude

Helping in realtime
You've got a smartphone. With your permission, we can know when you're struggling and make an effort on your behalf.
Getting on with life
Focus on the stuff that really matters to you, from life goals and hobbies to tasks that just need doing.
Always Compassionate
Life is hard and the addictiveness of the internet is real. Your copilot has your back and won't judge you. Ever!

The Science

Struggling with addictive online habits is not our fault!

The Backstory

A chimpanzee looking at an apple in their hand

Our brains are powered by Dopamine - a neurotransmitter that rewards us when we find something exciting.

Originally, that would have been ripe fruit, fresh water, a great shelter, and so on.

We evolved in a time when these things were scarce and hard to find. Our brains had no need to adapt this response for abundant environments. So we lack that ability.

Which means...

A man intently staring at a phone in his hand

Because your brain always wants more dopamine, it can be manipulated!

Many apps and sites today make money off your attention. They use savvy psychological techniques to get you hooked, manipulating this neurological reward circuitry through a constant drip of little rewards.

It might not lead to clinical levels of addiction, but it can be enough to mess with your life.

Hence, Copilot

A handsome copilot looking directly to camera with a smile

When we get hooked like this, we need outside help.

The very best help is a good friend who is around 24/7, has your best interests at heart, and willingly leans in to help you make good life choices.

Our copilot is the next best thing - savvy addiction psychology combined with a focus on the things that really matter to you.

Plus, we're around even at 2am on a week night!

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The App

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